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SIMS has installed the e-learning platform called myklassroom.com in collaboration with the company MyKlassroom.com. This platform enables the students towards 24/7 learning through participation. The learning materials is in the form of PPT, videos, lectures, assignments and latest updates from news and current affairs are available for the benefit of the students.

Myklassroom .Com is a social E-Learning platform built to enhance the learning experience of the students. It is a revolutionary idea to classroom's social experience by engaging our group of faculty and students accross the globe in virtual space.

The College has an MoU with myKlassroom.com to enhance the learning experience of the students.

 Advantages of this New E- learning Platform are,

  •  Individual Logins
  •  Online Study materials    
  •  Online tests / assignments
  •  Complete study guide 
  •  Easy and Access anywhere
  •  Social network relationships / Study chats