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The life in campus is so atypical of outside that when at times we MBA scholars move outside the campus we are surprised. This is because SIMS learning environment adds to our perspective a new experience every moment. We see same things with different aspects. This learning environment is made up of various explicit as well as implicit phenomenon including, access to the best Management faculty members in India, freedom in course curriculum, choice of schedule and at the same time robustness of system.

MBA course cannot be defined in terms of its duration like any other courses however as every year pass by newer management challenges are encountered. First year is common course work with general credits and from second year we start separating from regular course as per our specialization where only a few courses common to general aspects of management and rest are specific on the chosen specializations. The activities do not only revolve around only course work and thesis writing. Other research work related activities like Conferences, Journal publications, book reviews, presentations, critiques, Case teaching, Management games and discussions are always going on.

We get immense support from faculty members in our rigor. Faculty members are involved and helpful in all academic activities as and when we need them. And that’s the core of our course and that is how we expect ourselves doing world class research work.

Administration support is also commendable. Library provides huge data base and is connected to nearly all academic institutes of repute, nationally as well as internationally. We call it a boundary less database without which it is nearly impossible for scholars to do their research work.

MBA students, even after rigor of course and research work demands, are always relaxed. It is because of extra-curricular activities for which Institute provides not only infrastructural but also moral support. Cricket match, Poetry forum, Movie clubs and other alike cultural and sports activities are equally participated by MBA students and Faculty members. This keeps the tempo high. Our families also enjoy thoroughly here, as Institute while realizing length and rigor of course, provides play area, butterfly garden, nature walk among others for engagement for our kids and families, where faculty members are hand in hand involved too.

Overall, generally among toughness of course and relaxing activities our time passes by and we start gaining academic accolades and post graduate award.

One of the most distinctive features of this campus is that the students run most of the things on campus. Because, they are operated by the special departmentalized faculty members and it’s a place for any student to tune their brain in any one of the management specializations even a lab to experiment your thought process to come up with a brand new answer. The followings are the departments Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Shipping & Logistics, Production and System.