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SIMS has constituted clubs which are entirely managed by our students. The club members including its student President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a few members are elected, by the students. They are independent in their functioning and are helpful in developing interpersonal relationship, and experience vocational learning.

We have the following Management Clubs:

  • HR Club
  • Finance Club
  • Shipping & Logistics Club
  • Marketing Club
  • IT Club

HR Club

SIMS offers Human Resources Club; it is designed to help students learn more about Human Resource and what Human Resource Professionals do. The club promotes the active participation of the students. The club activities are organized in a regular basis to promote the team spirit and implement the HR concepts practically.

Finance Club

The essence of finance and its analysis is learnt by application, the hands on learning which gets engrained in the students skill set for the life time. It’s hence the endeavor of the club to harness the talent of SIMS in the financial aspects of management, in a composite manner by combining the faculty and the students focus for the mutual benefit of the tripartite synergy (faculty, students and the corporate).

Marketing Club

Marketing Club of SIMS is a platform where students get an opportunity to blend marketing theories with real time application. It also keeps the student fraternity abreast with the latest happenings in the arena of Marketing and Branding. Marketing Club, keeps on organizing Quizzes, Guest Lectures, National Seminar, inter and intra-college competitions.

IT Club

Information Technology (IT) is not an island, entire of itself. It rather is a piece of the continent, a part of the main — IT’s values results from business operations enabled by IT, and exists, only, if the business user sees it. The System club helps the students feel the essence of Information Technology in Management and the importance of IT in modern day management.