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The Joint secretary of Sankara Educational Institutions, Mrs.Sandhya Ramachandran is one of the main driving forces behind the well-being of this institution for many years. She is a mother of three children and wife to Secretary, Mr.TP Ramachandran. Her passion for education evidently has been passed down to her by her esteemed father, Dr.K.Venkatasubramanian who has served several years as the Director of Education and retired as the Member of Union Planning Commission. She firmly believes that a success of an institution is directly related to the success and the well-being of its students. As an administrative leader, she holds a deep connection with the students and engages hands-on in dealing with their progress as well as issues facing them. She stands by one of her favorite quotes

"The secret in education lies in respecting the student"

Students are tomorrow's leaders, students help shape up a better world, and our institution provides them a platform to mould and become what they aspire to be.

Best Wishes!