Student Induction Programme

Sankara College of Science and Commerce conducts Student Induction Programme for newly admitted UG and PG students every year for the new stage in their life by facilitating a smooth transition from their school/college environment into the UG / PG Degree college environment through various discussions and activities. It also helps them to familiarize and feel the new environment, inculcate in them the vision, mission and culture of the institution, to build bonds with other students and faculty members.

Deeksharambh - SIP

As per the guidelines from UGC and Ministry of Education , the college organizes an exclusive Student Induction Programme for newly admitted students to help students ease the process of entering the realm of Higher Education. From 2019 onwards SIP is conducted regularly with variety of events and expert talks to educate the new entrants about the college environment and connect them with the people in it.

Bridge Course - Communication Skills

The college organizes exclusive Language and Communication bridge course for newly admitted UG students every year. The Department of English offers language and communication skills as a part of the bridge course programme. The focus of the course is not only to develop English language skills but also aims to prepare the learner for the college classroom learning ambience. The institution identified communication as the main barrier for students’ progressing from schools, as most of the students are from rural backgrounds. Since, language communication skills are imparted in the beginning itself to facilitate the students to have a smooth transition.

Bridge Course - Other Subjects

  • Bridge Course in Mathematics
  • Bridge Course in Basic Accounting
  • Bridge Course in ICT Tools
  • Bridge Course in Corporate Communication
  • Bridge Course in Hospitality Education
  • Bridge Course in Information Technology

SIP - Activities

  • Expert and Invited Talks
  • Special Outbound Trainings
  • Hands on Training for ICT Tools
  • Corporate Get Invigorated Sessions
  • Exclusive Awareness Programmes
  • School to College Transition Programmes

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