Institution's Policies and Procedures for utilizing facilities

Sankara College of Science and Commerce adopts standard established systems and procedures for maintaining the physical, academic and support facilities, which are mentioned in the Quality Assurance and Standard Operating Procedure Manual of the institution which is prepared by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell and placed in the statutory body. The institution adopts all the procedures and standards which is mentioned in the manual. Every year the manual will be updated based on the up gradation of the infrastructure facilities and other additions.

Procedures and Policies Includes

  • Control of all college related documents
  • Documented Information
  • Academic Measurement and Management reviews
  • Faculty Recruitment Policy
  • Computer Laboratories

Procedures and Policies Includes

  • Library Utilization
  • Utilization of Sports Facilities
  • Utilization of Hostel Facilities
  • Utilization of Transportation Facilities
  • Utilization of Other Infrastructure facilities

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