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The motto of Women Empowerment Cell is to create awareness of feminine potential, sensitize them on gender issues and to create harmonious environment for women on campus.It also aims to provide and maintain a dignified, amiable working environment for women employees (including teaching, non-teaching and Administrative staffs) and female students, where they can work, study and explore their potential to the fullest. It also puts an effort to prevent and discourage the occurrence of any act of harassment, including sexual harassment and to provide the procedure for redressal, grievance settlement or prosecution of acts by taking necessary steps to promote well being of the female students, Teaching and Non- teaching women staff of the college.


  • To empower women socially by overcoming cultural, social & religious barriers and make them self-reliant.
  • To develop multidisciplinary approach for the overall personality development of women.
  • To focuses on gender-sensitization in the organization which aims at creating a harmonious environment for women on campus.
  • To assert the importance of spiritual, economic, social, racial and gender equality.
  • To create legal awareness and to provide guidance towards Women Issues and Women Welfare Laws.
  • To sensitize the women about their individual growth like nutrition, health, hygiene and sanitation


  • To create awareness of sexual harassment through guest lectures
  • To ensure protection of girls/women from sexual harassment studying/working in the premises
  • To redress the cases of sexual harassment if any
  • To enforce disciplinary framework for students
  • To organize workshops, seminars and talks to convey the message of Gender Equality (Gender Sensitization Workshops)
  • To organize the gender awareness through posters/slogans/essay competition/screening of films/street plays
  • To organize the programs with other associations of the college such as Students council, Cultural Association, etc.
  • To enforce the Involvement of men through discussions to create a gender sensitive environment
  • Organizing Health care & Nutrition related camps in the Institute
  • Tackle crime against women. More sessions on tackling, eve-teasing, dowries, domestic violence, female feticide etc.
  • To invite women Doctors, Advocates, Industrialists speakers to motivate the female students and women staff members


       HOD - Department of Mathematics