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Name : A.R. Pravesh
Department : Mechanical Dept

      I experience the sports as the playground of opportunity and creativity, which, through challenges, playing, varied experiences, sources of reflection and alternative approaches, has endowed me with a professional competence which I am thrilled to possess with the encouragement and support given by the institution and which I put to use in my everyday life.

Name : S. Shakthivelu
Department : Civil

    The activities conducted in our college encouraged me a lot to participate in other colleges. I have won many prizes in internal & external technical competitions because of team support, staff guidance and my hard work.

Name : E. Sankareswari
Department : CSE

     I have been able to excel in academic as I have learned a number of skills, gained a great deal of knowledge and full of opportunities. The faculty are supportive and look out for our best interests.

Name : P. Banupriya
Department : ECE

      NSS helped me in acquiring leadership qualities, positive attitude, self confidence, courage & patience. I feel proud by contributing to various social activities. I thank sankara for making me proud.

Name : M.Sai Vishnu
Department : AUTO

     After joining sankara I improved my technical and presentation skills through the activities and training provided in the college which enhanced me in various aspects. This paved the way for my successful placement in Hyndai motors, India

Name : Sruthi  S Krishna
Department : CSE

     The best thing about my college was ability to experience things through various cultural activities which couldn’t have experienced anywhere else. Most of the activities are group oriented which boost the level of confidence and also teaches work with people. Studying at sankara is the best thing to have happened to me.