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Thiru Mahatma Gandhi said, the present day university is nothing but a cluster of books. Our library is working as an example for the above saying.

Our Polytechnic College Library possesses 9114 books in an ordered manner of various disciplines. It is computerized for the benefit of the students and is working 12 hours per day. OPAC – Online public access catalogue facility is available. Books are arranged with the retrieve time of less than 1 minute.

We are providing book bank facilities to the students, thereby; students from low financial background can take text books for all their subjects with the due period of one semester.

Measuring the benefits of the students we provide various Journals and Magazine which, includes


  • Journal Of Energy, Heat and mass Transfer
  • IEEEMA Journal
  • Journal Of Electrical Engineering
  • Journal Of Highway Research
  • Journal Of Computer Science Engineering
  • Journal of English Language Teaching In India
  • Journal on Electrical Engineering
  • Journal on Computer Science
  • Journal on Civil Engineering
  • Journal on Electronics Engineering
  • Journal on Environment Science & Engineering
  • Journal on Manufacturing Engineering
  • Journal on Technical Education


  • Auto India (M)
  • Motor India (M)
  • Chemical World
  • Readers Digest
  • G.K. Refresher
  • G.K Today
  • Competition Success Review
  • Frozen Thoughts
  • Tamil Computer
  • Data Quest
  • Science Reporter
  • Electrical India
  • Wisdom
  • Electronics India
  • Information week
  • New generation
  • Physics For You
  • Chemistry Today
  • Mathematics Today
  • Electronics For You
  • India Today-English
  • India Today-Tamil
  • Auto car Build
  • Auto car Professional
  • Civil Engineering Construction Review
  • Down to Earth
  • Electronic for you
  • Manufacturing Technology Today
  • Mathematics Today
  • Men's Health
  • Puthiya Thalaimurai
  • Puthiya Thalaimnrai Kalvi
  • Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam
  • The Week
  • Wisdom
  • Chemistry Today

Our Library consists of previous year question paper, which helps them in preparing for exams. It consist of Projects done by previous year students which serves as guide for the current students in doing their projects and it also consist of previous year lab manuals.

Library Rules:

  • Students will be permitted to enter the library only with the ID Card.
  • Staff and Students should sign the gate register before entering the library.
  • All the books which are kept in reference, magazine, previous year question papers are issued to the members of library.
  • The borrowed books should be returned in good condition within two weeks. Books will be renewed only if there no reservation.
  • While entering the library members shall keep their personal belongings outside the library, they are allowed to take with them one or two sheets of paper.
  • While using the reading room, taking clipping of advertisements, removal of pages, diagrams, scribbling on the pages and other forms of mutilation are strictly forbidden. The member concerned is fully responsible for any damage done to the book issued to him.

The College encourages its students to browse the internet during available time, to educate the various useful websites, educational websites. There is dedicated area in the library which houses computer systems with internet connection and multi-media connection. This will help students to improve their general knowledge, subject knowledge and current trends.