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All dept students are encouraged to have an smooth relation and interaction with the industries around the city and this would be enabled by the polytechnic placement cell - tie up with local company for internship - industrial visits etc

Industrial Training:
Book fetches us the information and help in improving our knowledge but not the skill. Our mission is not just to make a product of source of knowledge and information but the product with the skill to achieve any thing he/she wants.

We are providing students the industrial training for 15-30 days after every semester which is compulsory for all students except the final semester. Benefits of industrial training:

  • It helps the students to get industrial exposure.
  • Students can easily know the whereabouts of almost all industry which in turn helps them to get job easily.
  • Students can understand the subject matter in a very practical way/ in a know-how way.
  • Students can do their practical labs very easily and can get more marks.
  • Over all this training pave the first foundation stone in their future career.

One of the major advantages by this training is that, students become aware of the present technology being applied in the industries they are trained in. With the innovative ideas, they can find the demands if any, in the industry and can work on it in order to meet the requirements.

Industrial Visit:
Twice in every semester, we arrange industrial visit for benefit of the students in view of giving them a glimpses of industrial exposure. It is compulsory for all students.

For industrial visit, students would have to pay a nominal amount which depends upon the location of the industry to which they are visiting for.