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"In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire”

At Sankara College of Science and Commerce, Fine Arts Club provides a cultural benefit for students.With its influenced and socially diverse tapestry of dance, music, visual arts, the Fine Arts Club endeavors to present events of the utmost quality that are both entertaining and challenging, utilizing a mix of both student and professional artists. 

Students who participate in the Fine Arts events, whether onstage, backstage, or as an exhibited artist, can count on continued success in the Inter Collegiate Events, while all audience members contribute to the broadening of the public's appreciation of the arts in general. 

The Fine Arts Club serves as the presenter for the music concerts and supports academic departments in their performances of dance by promoting them through Inter Collegiate Events and Intra Collegiate Cultural Events. It serves as a public face of the College to the other Educational Institutions, through its Commitment in the developement of Cultural Events.

 Fine Arts Club Incharge:

       Mrs.SSIKALA.R - Assistant Professor of Computer Science
       Mrs.DEEPARAJESH - Assistant Professor of Commerce